Want to finish a manuscript? Channel your inner-Jedi

Luke and Yoda

“Met today’s word-count, have you?”

Writing is a lot like falling asleep. You need to be calm. You need to be ‘in the zone’.

That means no interruptions.

Banish the partner, send the kids out, shut yourself away from your parents, ignore the flatmate. Once you get annoyed or even the tiniest bit flustered, your calm will go. Annoyance, anger and frustration will replace it. Ever tried to write while wanting to smash your own (or someone else’s) brain into the wall?

It’s impossible.

Channel the Jedi.

Find an inner-calm. The same one that beckons when you’re trying falling asleep or attempting (poorly) to meditate. It doesn’t mean shutting off emotion, it means giving yourself the space to feel what your characters feel, to become fully engrossed in your work, to forget the outside world exists and to carve a new reality.

Seek out that special, private space without constant interruption.

Because writing isn’t sitting down and bashing out a few words and calling it a day. It’s an uphill push, a gathering of momentum, before that flow comes. Once that momentum is disturbed, that big rock you’ve been shouldering will roll down and crush you.

That means starting all over again.

Remember the wise words of Yoda from Star Wars:

“Interruptions lead to anger. Anger leads to frustration. Frustration leads to an incomplete manuscript and a missed deadline.”

Or something like that. The only interruption I can tolerate? A fluffy four-legged one, because I never say “no” to that little face…


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