Step Back In Time… Cover Reveal!

Last weekend my publisher Carina UK, a digital offshoot from HarperCollins, held a #StepBackInTime social media event. As well as getting Mary Poppins’ Step In Time stuck in my head (and now quite possibly in yours), the glorious cover for my latest historical romance was revealed:

To Wed a Rebel by Sophie Dash

The cover is stunning. As an author, there is nothing better than finding out the cover for your latest story truly matches up to what’s between the pages. For me, it captures a key scene in To Wed a Rebel about love, betrayal, hope and redemption. (Can you tell I really like this story – I think you will too.)

And you can read more about why I love writing historical romance on the Carina UK blog:

A class system to revolt against, delicious scandals to fire gossip and pistols at dawn. While working on my latest historical romance To Wed a Rebel, I was immersed in the regency era. Historical fiction captures our imaginations, makes our hearts beat a little faster, and takes us to a place that’s far enough removed from the modern world, while still holding familiarity.

Here are my five reasons why I love writing historical fiction…

To my fellow writers – why do you love writing historical romance?

And to my fellow readers – why do you love reading it?


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