Sending off the final version of your manuscript is EXTREMELY PAINFUL

There’s always the horrible, cringe-y moment when you approve the FINAL version of your manuscript before it’s published. Because even after all your own hard work, insane researching, the publisher’s amazing efforts and the editor’s fantastic attentions, there’s always doubt. You can’t take it back, you can’t change anything, you can’t think, ‘Maybe I should’ve made the mask blue…

Unmasking of a Lady was published this week. After all that effort, it’s out in the real world, standing on its own two feet:

By day Miss Harriet Groves is a highly respectable lady, and a darling of society with her quick wit and blonde beauty. But by night Harriet dons a disguise, riding out into the countryside as the feared—and often revered!—Green Highwayman.

A life of crime was never the plan, but saving her family from ruin keeps Harriet riding into danger under the cover of darkness. A danger made all the more acute by the arrival of Major Edward Roberts, the man commissioned to unmask Harriet’s legendary highwayman and bring him to justice!

Harriet’s far too clever to fall into any trap the Major sets to capture her alter ego. Understanding it’s best to keep your enemies close, she sets out to thoroughly distract the Major from his duty using all of her womanly charms.

Only allowing Edward closer has unexpected consequences for Harriet. How could she have guessed that time spent sparring and flirting with Major Roberts could inspire an excitement in her equal to the adrenaline surge she experiences on her night-time adventures? It seems the dashing Major is a danger to her life, and to her heart…

Action, adventure, romance and (quite a little) violence is included. I can’t write a story without a few fight scenes, I’ve been brought up on Indiana Jones and The Prisoner of Zenda – there HAS to be swords, pistols at dawn and danger. 

If the description above tickles your fancy, take a glance at Amazon or learn more over at GoodReads. As for me, I’m working on the next regency story and dreading that final, last moment when there’s no more to be done and my baby is out in the big wide world without me to hold its hand.


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